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M.O.U. is signed between the two Competition Authorities

Kosovo Competition Authority and Turkish Competition Authority, held a joint inter-institutional meeting on various issues that concern the two institutions.

We will jointly address some of the very important elements that are exclusively related to the scope of the authorities, and we will exchange experience in promoting competition policy according to the law.

The main forms of interoperability between the two authorities will be:
а) Exchange of information on the creation of legislation;
b) Exchange of experiences in the field of investigations concerning the violation of the competition rules of the two countries.
c) Exchange of experience regarding the relationship between competition authorities and national regulatory agencies (other sectoral regulators).
We have been working together to create favorable conditions for the development of bilateral relations, based on the principles of equality and mutual benefit, underlining the role of competition as an effective development of the market economy.
This memorandum will be implemented at any time when there is a need for both sides, over complex issues of competition.

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