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The Kosovo Competition Authority, based on Article 13, 15, 19 of the Law on Protection of Competition no. 03 / L-229 dated 07 October 2010, AI 06/2012 On the Application Form and Criteria for Establishing the Concentration of Enterprises Official Gazette no. 88/25 November 2010, announce this:


1. The Kosovo Competition Authority on 25.05.2018 has received the request for notification of the concentration of the companies realized as a result of the purchase of shares of NewCo Ferronikeli Complex LLC with no. 70268073 with address: Rruga Besim Mala 227,13000 Drenas, Republic of Kosovo by NKL Limited based in the United Kingdom, registered with no. Identification 11246593 with address: Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose Street, London EC2A 2EW, through full control of 100% of shares. 2. The Subject of Concentration as a description of the claim will have no effect on the competition in the Republic of Kosovo, consequently this transaction will not result in negative effects for the economic operators or customers in the Republic of Kosovo, taking into account that the Buyer is not present in the market of the Republic of Kosovo through a legal person or sales. This transaction does not create a new dominant position or changes in the Kosovo market

3. The Authority invites interested parties to express their views on the notified transaction. Opinions can be sent to the Kosovo Competition Authority at Str. Migjeni VI floor Former object of the bank of Ljubljana: +381 / 0/38 200 10982, or by email to info.konkurrenca@rks-gov.net, within 15 days from the day of publication on the AKM web site, (https://ak.rks-gov.net)

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