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Allowed, Concentration on NewCo Ferronikeli Complex LLC-Cunico, as seller.


Today at the meeting of the Commission of the Kosovo Competition Authority it was decided to:

1. LICENSE, Concentration through the acquisition of 100% control by NKL Limited, in the capacity of buyer over NewCo Ferronikeli Complex LLC-Cunico, in the capacity of seller.

The proposed transaction is a transaction that has no effect on the geographical market of the Republic of Kosovo, but only on the international one. The transaction will not result in negative effects on competition and consequently on consumers in the Republic of Kosovo.

The Authority estimates that the authorization for this concentration will be assessed only in the first phase, as follows;
In cases where the Authority in the short procedure has to assess the purpose of the concentration, then the enterprise submits to the Authority a short notice of the concentration. The short procedure for evaluating the purpose of achieving the concentration is done especially in the following cases:

- When no participant in the concentration operates in the same market relevant in terms of geography and product and when there is no horizontal agreement between them, or when none of the participants operates in the market in which the ups and downs, in relation to the market in it which the other concentration participant operates has no vertical connection.

One of the specifics of the realization of the potential concentration and also according to the request for the purpose of the concentration we conclude that it is not necessary to evaluate the position and market participation as well as the economic and financial strength of the enterprise-buyer in the relevant market, the degree of competitiveness of participants. concentration, because TARGET has no competitor in the Republic of Kosovo and also the TARGET market is not Kosovo, and in terms of the position of NKL Limited, the same are buyers that arise as a result of the concentration.

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