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KCA aproved concentration of undertakings created by acquisitions of direct controll between American Hospital and Hygea Hospital


The Commission of the Kosovo Competition Authority in its meeting of 15.08.2018 took the Decision to allow the realization of concentration through the benefit of 100% control by American Hospital Tirana, in the capacity of buyer over Hygea Hospital Tirana, in the capacity of seller.

Relevant Market

The geographical market in the proposed transaction will be for the most part Albania as well as the international one (Kosovo), in the form of a foreign branch;
The product market includes the market of health services (hospital).

Effects of competition, from the transaction realized in the Relevant Market

From the provided documentation we estimate that the relevant market, existing competitors or potential competitors of the foreign branch registered in the Republic of Kosovo in particular, the structure and choice of supply and demand in the market and their trends, price, risks, economic barriers, legal barriers and other barriers to entry or exit from the market, will be managed and adjusted in accordance with the positive trends of AHT. foreign .
The transaction will not result in negative effects on competition and customers in the Republic of Kosovo, because with this acquisition the Group does not create a new dominant position in the territory of Albania and consequently in Kosovo (with its branch registered as American Hospital Kosovo) .
In assessing the reasonableness of the decision, the Authority shall take into account all the circumstances of the case, in particular the severity of the damage which may be caused to the participants in the concentration or third parties, as well as the effects of competition which may arise from the application of concentration. We also emphasize that for this reason and not only, the Authority published the Concentration Notice on the website, in which case we confirm that we have not received any complaints from third parties or potential competitors.

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