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KCA prevents the increase of cement price

KCA prevents the increase of cement price.

KCA investigative inspectors on Monday monitored the cement market, after preliminary information received on Saturday.

KCA was initially informed from its sources that starting from Monday there will be an increase in the price of cement for 1 Euro more for 50Kg in the entire territory of the Republic of Kosovo.

The initial suspicions are that the major manufacturers and importers in this market could potentially abuse their dominant position or there may be some verbal agreements that set prices in parallel.

Authority investigators have held numerous meetings with representatives of various companies in this market, gathered credible information, and clarified the provisions of the Law on Protection of Competition.

KCA investigative inspectors on Monday managed to prevent the increase of cement price in the relevant market.

To assess that an enterprise holds a dominant position in the relevant market it must cross the threshold above 25% to qualify as a dominant enterprise, while, Two or more independent enterprises may be in a dominant position if in relation to their competitors operate jointly in the relevant market and if their total market share is higher than forty (40%) percent (dominant collective position).

Abuse of a dominant position by enterprises is done when:

1. directly or indirectly sets the unrealistic purchase or sale price, or other unfair commercial terms;
2. restricts production, markets or technological development to the detriment of consumers
3. implementation of different transaction conditions for the same works with other enterprises, putting them in an unfavorable position in relation to the competition;
4. concluding contracts, provided that the contracting entities accept additional obligations;
5. setting prices or other conditions, which have as their object or consequence the impediment to the entry or exit of the relevant competitors of a particular competitor or a product thereof
6. refusal to enter another undertaking, giving an appropriate remuneration to the network or infrastructure of the dominant undertaking, if such refusal to use the network or infrastructure prevents the other undertaking from acting as a competitor of the dominant undertaking

The Kosovo Competition Authority will monitor this market very carefully and if there are signs of violation of the Law on Protection of Competition will act immediately in the execution of the Law.

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