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The decision of the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates is illegal

Press Release

The KCA commission decided to recommend them

I. The Chamber of Advocates, to repeal the Decision No. 579/2018, issued by the Steering Council of the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates, dated 10.04.2018. which limits the provision of services to lawyers in the region, in the Municipality of Mitrovica.

II. The Chamber of Advocates should provide equal conditions for the same transactions with other economic operators, putting them in a favorable competitive position through legal mechanisms, in compliance with the market economy with free competition, defined by the Constitution of Republic of Kosovo and the Law on Protection of Competition,


- Kosovo Competition Authority, estimates that in this case the competition between lawyers as (service providers) in the Republic of Kosovo is limited, while clients / consumers are forced to choose the same within a certain geographical area, therefore from the point of view of competition , laws and regulations restricting the number of economic operators in the relevant market and restricting access to services are not in line with competition rules. Also, Law no. 04 / L-226 on amending and supplementing Law no. 03 / l-229 on Protection of Competition, which clearly defines the definition of enterprise, and consequently the position of the state in relation to this definition, we quote: Enterprise - is any business activity regardless of the way of organization or form of management, public enterprise and established to carry out activities in the public interest as well as any other natural or legal person or state authority that carries out economic activity regardless of whether or not it is considered a business entity.

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