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The Commission of KCA adopted on 14 November two regulations that will serve to regulate certain categories of agreements, which are an important aspect of the KCA work and mandate. The adoption of these regulations is yet another step that the Kosovo Competition Authority has recently taken towards amending secondary legislation. More specifically, the KCA Commission has adopted “Regulation No. 01/2019 on Some Categories of Research and Development Agreements” as well as “Regulation No. 02/2019 on Categories of Specialization Agreements”. The purpose of Regulation 01/2019 is to "determine which research and development agreements are excluded, to assess the impact of such agreements on the relevant market, and to determine cases where such agreements are not the subject of an exemption." 02/2019 "are all agreements entered into by undertakings that relate to the conditions under which they specialize in the production of goods and / or the provision of services that should be included in the scope of application of this Regulation."
KCA Chairman Valon Prestreshi during the Commision meeting highly appreciated the importance of recent amendments and additions made by KCA
According to him, the adopted regulations provide an excellent basis for the institution's work in this important field.

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