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1. The Commission of KCA has reviewed and approved two professional opinions on 19 November as part of a commitment to prevent any possible breach of competition throughout the country.

At the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, more precisely of the Department of Civil Aviation, the KCA has provided an assessment regarding a Kosovo “Promotional Proposal for the Development of the Air Transport Market” by providing incentives to operators.

According to the KCA assessment, this does not contradict the legislation regulating competition in Kosovo. However, the KCA advises MIT and Pristina International Airport to ensure that when selecting potential operators that will benefit from the Air Transport Market Promotion Program, that the provisional prerequisites in the incentive scheme should not be of a discriminatory nature and will not exclude potential competitors from performing certain services provided in this program.

2. KCA also responded to a request for professional opinion from the Kosovo Civil Aviation Authority on "the issue of competition of operators engaged in providing ground services at PIA Adem Jashari". More specifically, it is about opening the market for kerosene supply.
In connection with this request, the KCA recommends the Kosovo Civil Aviation and the LIMAK Concessionaire to apply the Pristina International Airport Concession Contract Rules and review the land-related service constraints as foreseen in the Concession Agreement.- Public Private Partnership-PPP.
The KCA recommends that operators should not be restricted by discriminatory / exclusionary conditions and criteria and considers that such restrictions may favor a particular operator by placing other operators in unfavorable competitive positions.
The KCA emphasizes that ensuring effective competition would enable undertakings to compete with their offer which will ultimately be in favor of end users who will be able to choose the most appropriate offer for products / operator services.
So far this year, the KCA has delivered around 10 professional opinions to various parties.

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