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KCA approves the Strategy for the years 2020-2023

The Commission of the Kosovo Competition Authority (KCA) approved on December 27 the Strategy for the years 2020-2023, which will serve as an important guide to the work of the KCA in the coming years.

The approval of this document was made after careful analysis of current priorities and needs in the field of competition by the members of the Working Group, committed to its drafting in recent weeks.

This document defines the general objectives that KCA intends to achieve in the future.

The highest priority was given to three areas: strengthening professional and administrative capacity in order to implement the Competition Law; promoting competition policies; as well as the fulfillment of obligations arising from the European integration process.

Also, the working group of this document has paid special attention to international cooperation in the field of competition policy.

KCA commitments in the period 2020–2023 will also focus on drafting an action plan for the promotion of competition policy and providing expertise and advice on competition policy to the Government of Kosovo and other institutions.

The implementation of the KCA Strategy will be accompanied by an action plan to promote the principles of free competition as well as to fill the legal gaps and alignment with the acquis of the European Union.

Kosovo Competition Authority

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