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Work continues on the drafting of the new Law on Protection of Competition

On August 25, officials from the Kosovo Competition Authority, together with officials from line ministries, met to continue work on drafting a new Law on Protection of Competition.

This meeting served to analyze the proposed amendments to the law, which were presented by international experts engaged by the Project "EU Support to the Kosovo Competition Authority and the State Aid Commission" in July this year.

The new Law on Protection of Competition is being drafted in full compliance with the Acquis of the European Union.

Initially, the Law on Protection of Competition was adopted in 2010 by the Assembly of Kosovo. Through this law to establish the Kosovo Competition Authority, as an institution that deals with the investigation of possible violations of competition rules and the Kosovo Competition Commission, which serves as a decision-making body for competition cases.

This legislation was supplemented in 2014 in order to enable more power to the KCA.

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