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Three competition implementation training modules are held

Three training modules focused on the effective implementation of the Law on Protection of Competition were held during November for officials of the Kosovo Competition Authority.

These trainings are organized by the Project "EU Support to the Kosovo Competition Authority and the State Aid Commission", the main beneficiary of which is the ACA.

In the first training held on November 2-3, experts Paul Prisecary and Pajtim Melan presented about the methods and economic tools in the implementation of the Law on Protection of Competition.

On November 12 and 13, experts Michael Saller and Vlora Ferizi held training on the legal aspects of investigation and decision-making in the implementation of competition, while on November 20, expert Peter Gjotler presented on identifying bid manipulation as a specific anti-bidding practice. -Competitive.

At the beginning of these trainings, the President of AKM, Valon Prestreshi, thanked the Project for organizing these trainings, adding that he is pleased to see experienced experts sharing their expertise with AKM officials.

Prestreshi underlined that the effective implementation of the Law on Protection of Competition is key to the sustainability of the market economy.

On the other hand, the Project Team Leader, Dr. Eugene Stuart, said that comprehensive knowledge of modern competition enforcement methods is essential for the success of the Competition Authority as a regulator of enterprise behavior in Kosovo. He added that the Authority could play an important role in combating bid manipulation.

These training modules have been interactive and a wide range of interesting questions and dilemmas were raised for discussion.

Due to the pandemic situation, all these training modules have been held through the Zoom platform.

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