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The Competition Authority is represented at a conference in Albania

The Chairperson of the Commission of the Competition Authority Neime Binaku-Isufi is participating in the international conference on the topic "20th anniversary of the law "On the protection of competition" in Albania: Independence and the role of the authority in regulatory reform, law enforcement, advocacy and challenges towards Integration in the European Union".

In the framework of the promotion of the culture of competition and the 20th anniversary of Albania's journey in defence of free and effective competition in the market, this conference brought together experts from homologous authorities from the region and Europe; representatives from the legislative, executive and judicial power; regulatory bodies, representatives from chambers of commerce, as well as participants from the academic and business world.

Chairperson Binaku-Isufi was part of one of the three panels with topics such as the independence of the institution and its role in regulatory reform, challenges towards integration in the European Union, international cooperation and the application of competition law: antitrust and concentrations.

The conference will continue its work on the second day on November 24, with panels, discussions, guests, and other experts from the counterpart authorities from the region and Europe.

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