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The Competition Authority held a one-day seminar for the business community

The Competition Authority held a one-day seminar "Competition Law and Policy for the Kosovo Business Community" on Monday, December 11.

The opening of the seminar and valuable discussions with business representatives were made by the Chairperson of the Commission of the Competition Authority, Neime Binaku.

Several presentations and sessions were held during the workshop, including the presentation on the Law on the Protection of Competition and its implementation, Introduction to competition law, Prohibition of anti-competitive agreements, Competition Authority relief program, Agreements in public tenders, Prohibition of abuse of dominant position, as well as Introduction to merger control.

The Competition Authority highly values cooperation with the business sector to ensure a fair market that operates according to European competition standards.

This activity was held with the support of the project financed by the European Union "Support to the Competition Authority and the Commission for State Aid".

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